Primary Role                  Popular Materials Library

The library will collect and promote high demand, high interest materials for persons of all ages.

Secondary                        Formal Education Support Center and Internet Provider Center

The library will assist students of all ages in meeting their educational needs during their courses of study and provide an adequate number of computers to meet community needs.

 Mission Statement         

The West Lebanon-Pike Township Public Library, a community institution since 1916, is a life-long learning center which identifies, selects, organizes, preserves materials which are of value to the citizens of the area.

The library attempts to promote and provide services to meet the informational recreational, cultural, and educational needs of all residents, regardless of the resident’s age or formal schooling.

 I.                    GENERAL OBJECTIVES

  1. To inform, educate and enrich the life of the community.
  2. To purchase and circulate materials as determined by the library director to be of value to the citizens of the area.
  3. To supplement school collections without furnishing textbook materials.
  4. To identify community needs and provide programs of service to meet such needs; to cooperate with other organizations, agencies, and institutions which can provide services or programs to meet community needs.
  5. To promote historical awareness within the community and surrounding areas by retaining materials of historical and genealogical interest.


A.      Residents or taxpayers of Pike Township presenting proper identification in the form of a valid Indiana state ID which displays a current address, or a current government issued photo ID are eligible to receive a resident library card.  If the proper ID does not have a current address, a patron must present a valid registration card, current government issued ID, bank statement or utility bill issued within the last 60 days, or property tax receipt.

B.      Indiana residents not in a library district may be eligible to obtain a non-resident card through purchasing a PLAC card.  The trustees of Steuben, Liberty, Jordan or Kent Townships may pay all or part of the required membership fee for residents or taxpayers of those townships.

C.      Students and teachers living outside of Pike Township and attending MSD of Warren County schools are eligible to receive a limited access library card for use at this library only.  Reciprocal borrowers (those living in a library taxing district other than Pike Township, but not an Evergreen Indiana library) are eligible to receive a limited access library card for use at this library only.

D.      A parent or legal guardian presenting proper identification (as denoted above) may obtain a resident, non-resident or student card for their minor children (under the age of 18 years).  The parent or guardian is responsible for all fees, fines and payment for lost or damaged materials charged on the minor’s library card.  A parent or guardian may request a limited access card which prevents the user from checking out “R-rated” AV materials.

E.       Membership may be suspended for any of the following reasons

  •  Willful destruction of library property.
  • Failure to return or replace books or other borrowed materials.
  • Refusal to meet overdue fine obligations.
  • Improper language or conduct within the library or on library grounds.


A. Number of items that may be circulated.

1.   A new member may borrow no more than six books at one time.

  • Summer reading program participants may exceed this limit.
  • Homeschoolers may exceed this limit.

2.   A member may borrow no more than two audio tapes at one time.

3.   A member may borrow no more than two videos at one time.

B. Length of circulation.

 1.    Videos may be borrowed for a three day period; a boxed set for a seven day period.

 2.   Books, audio materials and kits may be borrowed for three weeks.

 3.    Periodicals may be borrowed for a three week period.

C.   Renewals

1.   Materials may be renewed once for an additional three weeks.

2.   Materials on hold may not be renewed.

3.   Special renewal circumstances are left to the discretion of the librarian.

D.   Non- circulating materials

1.   Reference books or certain key materials designated as non-circulating may be checked out only at the librarian’s discretion.

2.   Equipment 

  • Audio-visual equipment
  • Typewriters

E.   Videos

1.   The library is no way responsible for any damage which may result to the patron’s  video recorder/player as a result of using tapes or DVDs from the library collection.

2.   By checking out tapes/DVDs, the patron agrees to abide by the Copyright Laws of the U.S. which state that the tapes/DVDs can be used for “Home use” only and cannot be copied while in the patron’s possession.

F.   Overdue fines/fees

1.   Overdue materials incur fines of ($.25) twenty-five cents per day per item.

2.   A maximum of ($10) ten dollars per item will be levied for overdue items.

G.   Loss of borrowing privileges

1.   A member will lose all borrowing privileges if they owe ($10) ten dollars or more in unpaid fines/fees.

H.   Lost items

1.   Members will be charged the price of the item, any outstanding fines/fees, and a processing fee of ($10) ten dollars.

2.   Parents/guardians are financially responsible for items lost or damaged by their children under 18 years of age. 

 3.   Late fine accruals will be stopped as soon as the library is notified the item is lost.

 4.   No refunds will be given on “lost” items, if returned.

I.   Restrictions

1.  Materials in the library are available to all age levels.  If a parent/guardian wishes to restrict access of certain materials to their child, notify the librarian and a note will be added to the child’s account.

2.  Parents/guardians may request a limited access membership card which prevents the user from checking out “R-rated AV materials.

3.  The library uses filters to block inappropriate internet content, but allows social networking sites.  Forms are available, on request, to parents/guardians to further restrict access  to internet sites.

J.   Membership Replacement cards are ($2) two dollars.


A.   The circulation regulations for Evergreen Indiana patrons from other libraries differ from

West Lebanon-Pike Township library patrons in the following areas:

  •  No minimum age to receive a library card.
  • Partial payment on fines of ($10) ten dollars or more is acceptable.
  •  A maximum of (100) items may be checked out simultaneously on an Evergreen Indiana card.
  •  A maximum of (10) vides may be checked out simultaneously on an Evergreen Indiana card.


A.   Clubs, groups, and organizations may apply in writing to the Library Board for use of the library facilities.  Approval is subject to:

  • Availability
  • Nature of business.
  • Service to community.
  • Agreement to maintain orderly conduct.
  • Agreement to any terms or conditions of use as determined by the Board.
  • Payment of any hall rent charges, as determined by the board.

B.   The library may be used as a polling place.

C.   The library facilities may not be used for partisan political or religious meeting.

D.   The library facilities may not be used for commercial or profit making activities.

E.    The library is not responsible for accidents which occur on the premises during a scheduled activity.


A.   ($.10) ten cents per sheet of paper is charged for photocopies and copies from the black & white  printer.

B.   ($.25) twenty-five cents per sheet from the color printer.

C.   Faxes

1.   Local

  • ($.75) seventy-five cents for the first page sent.
  • ($.50) fifty cents for each page thereafter sent or received.

2.   Long distance

  • ($1.00) one dollar for the first page sent.
  • ($.50) fifty cents for each page thereafter sent or received.


A.   Will be reviewed on a case by case occurrence by the library board and director to determine what action will be taken.


A.   In compliance with the ADA, the library will provide assistance in removing books from high or low shelving, curb service, or home bound service.

B.   A lift is available for use at the rear entrance of the library.



 Parents need to be aware that the Internet may contain inaccurate, defamatory or illegal materials of a controversial nature, or materials that may be offensive to particular individuals.

 Even though the library uses filtering in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, it is technically impossible to prevent access to all resources that might be objectionable to some people, therefore, it is the responsibility of parents and guardians, not the library staff, to determine whether to place restrictions on their own children in the use of the Internet.   Children need to be aware that:

  • People are not always who they say they are.
  • The Internet is forever, everything posted is tracked and stored and can follow one to future job interviews.
  • Never give out one’s real name, address, phone number, name of school or picture of oneself.
  • Keep away from Internet strangers.  Never arrange to meet someone you don’t know face to face.

 Various parents will look at Internet access by their children differently.  For this reason the Library Board has established a policy requiring a parent or guardian to sign an authorization which would outline Internet usage under which their child (minor under age 17) would not be allowed to access:

  •  The Internet
  •  Chat rooms (AOL Instant, Yahoo, MSN Messenger, etc..)
  •  Social networking sites (MySpace, Face Book, etc..)
  •  YouTube
  •  Specify other _________________________________________________

 If applicable, ask the librarian for a form.